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Grand Central Airport

Grand Central Airport

Flight Training Services is based at Grand Central Airport which is in Midrand in the province of Gauteng in Johannesburg, South Africa. ​

Training benefits of Grand Central Airport:

  • The airfield is conveniently located close to major shopping centers, banks and restaurants

  • The student accommodation is within 5-10 mins drive from Grand Central Airport.

  •  Grand Central provides a unique training environment in that the airspace is shared with both non-scheduled, helicopter and other training traffic. This creates a busy flying environment which helps to build the students situational awareness and improves his/her overall airman-ship. This does not heavily affect the training schedules of the flight school.

  • The airfield is manned during daylight hours to deal with traffic flow at the aerodrome and provides students the opportunity to improve their radio skills and controlled airport procedures.


  • Their are sufficient navigation aids within good proximity to Grand Central for IFR training (ILS at Lanseria Airport, NDB at Grand Central and several VOR beacons all within 15-30 mins flying time from Grand Central

  • The general flying are where lessons are conducted is approx. 15 mins flying time from Grand Central. However, there is an abundance of uncontrolled airspace within close proximity that can be used for training. 

  • Other airports within 15-30 mins flying time of Grand Central provide the opportunity for students to hone their skills flying into and out of unfamiliar aerodromes and airspace's.


  • Moderate weather conditions exist throughout the year. Summer periods tend to bring more frequent thunderstorms but they are short lived and usually exist in the late afternoons and evenings. The summertime brings excellent visibility and hotter temperatures. Average temperatures are around 25-30 degrees Celsius in the summer.

  • The wintertime brings slightly lowered visibility but very stable flying conditions, nothing that would hinder flying training. Average temperatures are between 15-25 degrees in the winter.

Grand Central Airport

Briefing rooms, CBT and exam rooms

Flight Training Services has dedicated briefing rooms in the upstairs portion of the terminal building. ​These can be used by students at any point in time for studying and briefings for the flying exercises. These rooms provide a quiet and focused work environment for students to run through exam prep, aircraft checklists and their flying lessons. If students require any assistance they can consult any available instructor who will be glad to help where necessary.

These facilities include:

  • 5 briefing rooms including a large lecture room with ample study space

  • 3 computers for use of the Computer Based Training aid which instructors urge students to make use of to fully understand the aspects of their flying lessons.The use of CBT extends beyond training organizations and into airline operations as well, helping develop the new training culture around the world. 

  • A dedicated exam centre is also located upstairs where students are able to write their PPL exams. These exams must be booked in advance and are subject to the availability of the room. This saves students time from having to write at the SACAA.

Airport Facilities

Transport and Accomodation

Flight Training Services has dedicated accommodation for students who require it. The accommodation is located in Midrand allowing for easy commute to and from the airport.

This includes:

  • A dedicated vehicle is available for students who need to get around. The driver is available during the week should the student require transport.The driver will pick up and drop off at specific times which the students can book at least 24 hours before. The driver can take students to places nearby for shopping and amenities, to and from the SACAA building and to and from the airport. 

  • Should the student require transport during public holidays and weekends, Uber Taxi's are available in South Africa and are reasonably priced.

  • The accommodation is all within 10 mins driving time from the airport. Any specific information about the accommodation that you may require can be requested by email or by calling us on our dedicated office number on the contact us page including prices per month, etc. Feel free to click the link below to direct you to our contact us page.

  • Please note: Accomodation costs are not included in the quotation for any of our courses on offer at Flight Training Services.

Transport and Accomodation
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