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Admissions Explained

Requirements for enrollment: 

Taking the step to start your pilot's license can be a daunting task with all the necessary paperwork and so we will help you through all of it to make it as easy and seamless as possible

  • 15 years or older at time of application. This is a requirement by law in order to apply for a student pilot's license which is necessary to conduct flight training in South Africa.

  • Initial training deposit.

  • All necessary application forms. These documents can either be sent via email to the client or can be filled in at out offices at Grand Central Airport with the help of our dedicated desk staff. It is however suggested that the client conduct the enrollment process at FTS for ease and convenience.

  • An aviation medical. The medical is conducted at the expense of the client (additional cost). Please note that FTS is not responsible for conducting the medical or medical bookings. Below are contact details for aviation doctors that work closely with FTS and they will handle appointments and costs separately with the client:

    • Doctor K.A. Ingham: +27 11 315 5817

    • MediPractice: +27 012 492 5661

    • Important note: Is it recommended that the client completes the medical before commencing flight training

  • Client Passport or Identification

Please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the link below to find out more information and to get a full breakdown of all our courses on offer.

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